Meet the Candidates: Ward 3 – The Edmond Way

Boyd grew up in Chandler and moved to Edmond in 2013. One of the areas he wants to focus on is economic growth.

“I think Edmond should compete with Norman and should compete with Oklahoma City and Broken Arrow for, of course, amenities, retail and dining, things that our citizens want, but we should compete for jobs,” Boyd said. “Whether that’s large corporate type jobs or other things, I think that we need to look at ways to bring business and industry here so people can live in Edmond, and they can play in Edmond, but they can also work in Edmond, and we can have jobs right here.”

Boyd said Ward 3 needs to rethink traffic to focus on reliability. He said he wants people to have a reliable estimate of how long it will take to get across town rather than clearing traffic so people can drive fast.

“That’s what highways are for,” Boyd said. “City streets serve multiple purposes, because it’s transportation, but it’s also access to business and commerce and to neighborhoods. In the area I live in, we have a lot more (of a) problem with neighborhood streets that people drive really fast down, because they’ve been conditioned that driving means going 45, 50 miles an hour in a neighborhood street. We’ve really got to bring that down and change some mindsets about that.”

The primary election is Feb. 9, with the general election to follow April 6.  Residents can only vote for the ward in which they reside in the primary, but all Edmond residents can vote for all council seats in the general election.  

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